Why Is A Land Surveyor Service So Costly?

To understand why a land surveyor service costs so much, first you have to understand what a land survey is, what experience is needed, and what tools are used. Boundary surveys take so long and cost so much because each survey is comprised of four different steps. These steps start with research.

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You have to get all of the written documents associated with the property.

Then you have to add them to a computer and compare them. After that, it’s time for the fieldwork. You know what you’re looking for, but now you have to find the items in the documents. Some surveys only take a few hours, but sometimes other properties need to be surveyed in order for your project to be completed. It can sometimes take days to complete a survey. As a surveyor, you have to weigh all of the information that you’ve uncovered against each other to find the true boundary.

Finally, you have to create the survey map and survey report. All of this takes time and experience. These surveys are expensive because you’re paying for the time, experience, and knowledge that the surveyor has acquired over the years.