Why You Should Consider Counter Top Refacing Over a Full Remodel

Updated 7/29/22

If your countertops have started looking old and worn out and you’re considering upgrades, you might find yourself torn between a DIY kitchen design free, which involves countertop refacing, or a complete kitchen remodel.

The process of refacing countertops comprises applying a tough and durable acrylic coating to your existing countertops. Unlike a full kitchen remodel, you don’t need a kitchen cabinet drawing tool when refacing. Once the coating cures and hardens, it will give your countertops a fresh look and extend their useful life by about ten years.

Refacing has been around for many years, but recent tech advancements have made refacing countertops a more appealing option for homeowners than ever before.

Countertop refacing can help you not only transform your kitchen but also your bathroom without overspending. If you’re wondering how many hours to remodel a bathroom, it’s quicker when you opt to reface as opposed to remodeling.

Moreover, you don’t need remodeling contractors to do countertop refacing for you. Therefore, if you’re wondering how can I get a free kitchen makeover, the answer is countertop refacing. Let’s look at why this option is better than a full remodel.

Countertop resurfacing

For many of us, our homes are not only where we live, but how we express our character. If your home is in need of an update, but you are strapped for cash, there are a few things you can do to give your home a face lift, without having to sacrifice all of the money in your account.

A great option for a home makeover is the idea of resurfacing. Typically, resurfacing is used on fixtures like bath tubs and counter tops, and can give your room a new look without costing a fortune. There are tons of benefits to bathtub resurfacing, however people cite a relatively low cost and broad product and color selection as the main reason for bathtub resurfacing, rather than an entire re installation. As the main focal point of your bathroom, your tub is the first thing you and others see, so it can dramatically update a room with a bit of extra attention.

If your kitchen is more your focus, countertop resurfacing is a great cost effective way to update the overall look and feel of your kitchen space. Saving money on the kitchen renovation is one of the more obvious advantages of countertop resurfacing. Assuming your old cabinets are in decent condition, stripping them down and refinishing the frames and doors will be much cheaper than purchasing new cabinets. You will also save money by executing the project on your own, rather than having to hire a construction company to assist you.

Countertop resurfacing also helps you get your kitchen back in working order more quickly. Full kitchen renovations can take months, while a resurfacing project only takes a week or two, depending on how quickly you work. You will not be forced to deal with clutter as a result of your countertop resurfacing project.

Whether you are looking to update your bathroom or kitchen, resurfacing is a great alternative to a full remodel, as it saves you both time, and money. Read more like this: getagripinc.com