4 Crucial Tips to Improve Compressed Air System Performance

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When designing a compressed air system, there are important factors you need to keep in mind. Otherwise, a poorly installed system will not only cost you a lot of money in repairs, but there is also the risk of contamination and pressure drops. Therefore it’s important to invest in quality air compressor pipes that can withstand friction and corrosion caused by lubricants. In addition, ensure you have the right pipe sizes to where the compressor is located to avoid generation of poorly pressurized air.

To ensure you have an excellent performing compressed air system, the following opportunities can help you achieve that.

Improve Air Intake
Ideally, a compressed air system design will determine the quality of air delivered by the equipment. To increase the efficiency and productivity of your system, install a more effective generation and control electric motor. This will ensure proper energy utilization and eliminates the common electric power related problems.

Also, make sure the air compressor tubing that injects air into the system is highly sealed, not to allow any temperature differential within the system, which could significantly increase energy consumption. You should also check the air intake filters and ensure they are in a good working condition.

Find and Fix Leaks
Although a majority of compressed air systems have leaks, you can ensure yours is leak proof through regular checkup and system maintenance. It’s estimated that leaks reduce a compressor’s efficiency by up to 30%. By embracing proactive leak detection measures, you can improve the compressor performance and save money in the process.
Leaks also cause unstable system pressure, which could further cause the compressed air fittings to perform less efficiently.

Air Treatment
Another way to achieve an efficient air compressor system is by eliminating or reducing air contamination. There are different ways where compressed contamination originates and knowing the exact cause can help you to effectively manages the impurities. Some of the impurities come through the atmospheric air, the air compressor itself, air storage devices and the piping system. With a compressed air system design that features a purification system, you can easily treat the contaminated air and improve the performance of the system.

Enough Air Storage
One essential component in air compressors is the air receiver. This where compressed air is stored, temporarily, and used when demanded. Ideally, air receivers have been designed to mitigate compressor cycling and boost its performance. So, ensure your air receiver can match the air demands to avoid pressure fluctuations.

Lastly, other ways you can be sure to improve your system performance and efficiency is by applying waste heat recovery measures and keeping track on your energy consumption. You need to invest in monitoring devices such as meters and gauges. Having a simple compressed air system design can also make the process of identifying system issues much easier and prompt corrective measures can be applied.