Why Doesn’t My House Stay Warm? Common Questions About Heating Costs Answered

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Can you feel it in the air? The holiday season is just around the corner. While that means plenty of good things like delicious food, warm drinks and family gatherings, it also means a higher energy bill that’ll stress you out for weeks on end. An HVAC service, however, can make sure you’re prepared for the snow and good times heading your way. Your heating and cooling doesn’t have to be overly expensive, nor does it have to be less efficient. You can have a system that clears out your air, keeps your spaces warm and maintains a reasonable energy bill all at the same time without doing anything fancier than calling a commercial HVAC service.

Rather than bore you with distracting details, the list below will answer common questions about air conditioning repair to get you on the fast track to an easy solution.

Why Does My HVAC System Take So Long To Heat My House?

Now this is a very common complaint that has homeowners and renters scratching their head. An HVAC system that takes forever to heat up your home is an HVAC system in need of a check-up. Improper equipment installation has been known to decrease your home’s heating and cooling efficiency by 30% or more. This can mean parts are missing, poorly installed or mixed with incompatible elements. Calling an HVAC service can clear this up in just a single visit. That’s not all you should know, however…

Why Does My House Have A Hard Time Staying Warm?

Maybe your home heats up perfectly well. Staying warm, on the other hand, is an entirely different battle. Turns out 25% of your home’s heat is lost through negligible cracks and holes in your doors, windows and floors. Poor attic insulation also sees 20% of every dollar you spend literally going through the roof. Since heating and cooling both account for nearly half of the energy use in most American homes, this is no minor issue. Start patching up your home bit-by-bit and feel how quickly your home stays cozy.

What Are Those Strange Noises My HVAC System Is Making?

A gentle thrumming is perfectly normal. Clanging, banging or rattling? You should get that looked at. Your HVAC system is not unlike any other machine running on electricity. It needs to sound and feel a certain way on a constant basis. Strange noises are usually a sign of a machine that’s got a bad part starting to interfere with its inner workings or a system that’s getting old. Air conditioning units can last for 10 to 15 years, but it’s recommended you call an HVAC service once it nears a decade.

How Can I Reduce My Energy Bill While Still Using My HVAC System Regularly?

Do you regularly leave the home to work, pick up your kids or run errands? You’ll want to keep a close eye on this energy-saving tip. People often like to leave their heating system on so they can return to a warm house…but, more often than not, they’re faced with a house that’s too warm and wasting their hard-earned money. Thermostats are the main key in controlling your heating costs. For every two degrees you lower your thermostat you can save up to 5% on your heating costs.

Does My HVAC System Need A Repair Or A New Installation?

It all comes down to which kind of HVAC service you need to call. Should you just install a brand new system or can you keep going with your central air conditioning for a few more years? Answering the above questions will give you a better perspective of what you’re up against and will help you save money as the very expensive and busy holiday seasons come rolling in. The average American home will spend 3% of their income on energy bills, reaching and even exceeding $2,000 a year.

Manage your energy usage better this year so you can enjoy the holidays worry-free.