4 Housing Improvements to Make This Spring

Construction projects

Are you looking for a housing project to complete this spring? Spring is the perfect time to make needed improvements to the house. It is also a good time to make improvements to the house that may not otherwise be needed, but can improve the value or efficiency of the house. The following house construction projects are easy enough to DIY, but produce great value increasing and energy bill reducing outcomes.

Full plumbing inspections

Plumbing problems can result in a lot of damage and thousands of dollars in costs. That is because a plumbing problem is not as easily to diagnose as other types of household problems. Usually, but the time a problem is noticed, it is already a huge problem that requires extensive full service plumbing work. You can inspect your own plumbing systems to prevent large scale plumbing problems from occurring. Carefully inspect the pipes and look for any minimal signs of leaking. Leaking is usually the first symptom of a problem with the plumbing. Flush all toilets and run all faucets and look for any problems down the line.

Upgrade water tanks and plumbing accessories

Upgrading your current water accessories may or may not be a part of your plumbing inspections. Older water tanks require more time to heat, which may result in the household frequently running out of hot water. You may also notice that your water is not as hot as it once was. Yet, these water symptoms are likely to be accompanied by higher water bills. Reduce your water bills and increase your amount of hot water when you purchase a tankless water heater. When you purchase a tankless water heater, you are upgrading your home?s ability to provide quick, low costing, hot water.

Most tankless water heaters have a life expectancy of more than 20 years, so when you purchase a tankless water heater, you are making a great investment. In fact, with 20 years of significantly reduced water bills, you can easily make up the cost you pay when you purchase a tankless water heater. Heating water accounts for up to 30% of the average home?s energy budget, making this a great spring project area to cut home costs drastically.

Inspect and make repairs to air conditioner

The air conditioner will become one of the most important features in your home, come summer. You will be thankful for the additional work that you put into the air conditioner when the temperatures increase and you are looking for a more comfortable place, away from the heat. The spring is actually the perfect time to make any needed repairs to the air conditioner. It will ensure that you are prepared to use it regularly.

Inspect and consider replacing your furnace

You are probably not extremely worried about the condition of your furnace as this point in the year. Yet, if you wait until fall and find out that your furnace needs to be replaced or requires expensive repairs, you could be left in the cold. You will also find that many contractors and heating and cooling stores reduce the price of their furnaces, because of the decrease in business. Upgrade your furnace to an Energy Star furnace for better overall efficiency. The lowest efficiency allowed by law for new gas furnaces is 78%, and some new models achieve 97%, near total efficiency.

You are likely to see many homeowners flocking to home improvement stores in the next month. Spring is one of the most common times for making home repairs and improvements. If you are looking for a housing project this spring, consider one that will increase the efficiency and reduce your energy bills. A few of the best improvements to make this spring are plumbing inspections and repairs, upgrading current water accessories, air conditioning inspections, and the replacement of furnaces to something that is Energy Star rated.