Maximizing Limited Bathroom Space With Small Bathroom Vanity

When you have a bathroom that you’re not happy with the cabinets and vanity in it, you may need to replace the vanity to get better storage as well as to make the bathroom look better. Many people choose a 3 piece bathroom vanity set for some of the bathrooms and a three-piece double vanity set for the master bathroom. You may need to visit a bathroom cabinet store to see the many types of vanities that are on the market to get some design ideas. You may want to replace a 21-inch vanity cabinet, or you may want to install a taller bathroom vanity to give yourself more space in the bathroom.

Before you choose a vanity, take a look at your bathroom and think about what style it is in. The vanity that you choose should blend in well with the overall style of the bathroom. If it is in modern style, for instance, the vanity should use clean lines and a modern design. Once you know what would fit well with your bathroom, you can choose a vanity cabinet for your bathroom. Be sure that you know how much storage you need before you buy.

According to Remodeling Magazine’s annual Cost vs. Value Report, a mid-range bathroom renovation happens to be a wise investment when you finally sell your house. The report also indicates that an average bath remodels of $16,128 will recover about 72.5% of those costs. This means that any effort you put in bathroom remodeling is going to pay off eventually. However, coming up with creative ideas to spice up the look of your bathroom can be a bit of a challenge. It’s therefore, necessary to consult widely and look for options that will not only suit your preference but also fit the size of your bathroom.

Generally, most remodeling projects done on bathrooms will revolve around items such as tiling, lighting, sink, and cabinetry. These are some of the elements that contribute to the theme and overall look on your bathroom. But when looking for a renovation idea that will add both glam and functionality on your shower spaces, custom cabinetry is your option. There are several creative ways to utilize limited bathroom space in your house. To do this, you need to find a bathroom vanity design that will make use of the space available without major alteration of other bathroom fixtures such as sinks and bathtubs.

Your bathroom design and layout will determine the choice of the cabinet to install. But with limited space in question, you need to find small vanity cabinets that can offer versatile application. A good bathroom vanity design can be used to support your sink, cover your plumbing system and still provide extra spaces for storage of other bathroom essentials. With this additional storage space in your bathroom, you can make your shower space more organized and avoid annoying clutter trap.

Here are few diminutive vanity ideas with a range of scaled-down width for your specific bathroom space and need.

Medicine Cabinet Bathroom Vanities
If you are going to store you aid kit, medicine or other bathroom essentials, you need a contemporary medicine cabinet. This kind of cabinet do double duty. Such that, it provides a functional mirror for grooming and extra shelves to store your medicine. The goos thing is that, it mountable on walls hence creating more valubale floor space.

Wall Cabinets
In custom cabinetry design, wall cabinets are probably the most suitbale shelf unit for your bathroom. There are numerous contemporary and traditional designs for specific bathroom theme. Choose one that has a see-through glass doors for snazzy look and easy access of items inside the vanity. Most wall cabinets come with up to three shelves for maximum storage space.

Cutomizable Vanity Unit
If your are thinking of a bathroom vanity design that hold things, think of customizable vanity cabinets. These fixtures are used to support vessel sink, which can be mounted on either side of the unit. It comes with few drawers where you can neatly arrange your bath robes, towels and other useful bathroom neccessities.

Finally, the choice of bathroom vanity to use is determined by your bathroom space and the style you want to create. It’s practical to find a vanity unit that is easy to install without much wit to it. If you are planning to do a huge bathroom remodeling, then, you probably need to hire an expert to fix that for you. Otherwise, simple vanity installation can be a nice do-it-yourself project at home.