A DIY Duct Cleaning Project Can Help You Clean the Air in Your Home

Air duct cleaning in

According to stats from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Americans spend about 90% of their time indoors. Though most people would probably prefer otherwise, inclement weather and responsibilities like work or watching the kids often means that lounging outside regularly is simply impossible. Because of that, having clean air circulating through your home is important for making sure that you can stay both comfortable and healthy. It might require a little bit of work, but learning how to do air duct cleaning can help make sure that your heating and cooling system doesn’t spread dirt, dust, and allergens throughout your home. Fortunately, the process is relatively simple.

There are only a handful of tools that you will need to do a DIY internal air duct cleaning in your home. For the most part, you should only need a screwdriver to remove vent covers or return-air grill plates, some heavy duty gloves, brushes, rags, and a vacuum cleaner (preferably with a really long hose). Most homeowners will have these items lying around somewhere, and if not, they are all relatively cheap except for a vacuum. So finding room in the budget doesn’t have to be part of figuring out how to do air duct cleaning.

Air duct cleaning do it yourself projects will vary depending on the home and how dirty ducts might actually be. But generally speaking, the process is mostly the same. You’ll have to make sure to remove vent covers and then, quite simply, don’t be afraid to get a little bit dirty. Reach into the duct and brush dirt and dust from the walls and then stick your vacuum hose in as far as possible to suck out dust. There’s a good chance you might end up stirring up a bit of dust and coughing, but in the long run, it will be quite worthwhile.

Unfortunately, even the most comprehensive DIY duct cleaning projects will not be able to get every inch of ductwork in your home. The better alternative, at times, is simply hiring professionals who have advanced air duct cleaning tools and the experience to easily reach every nook and cranny. They will be able to provide a superior clean that helps keep the air in your home clean and dust-free.

When it comes to spring cleaning, your to-do list might be quite extensive. But no matter how much cleaning your basement or garage might need, you should make cleaning air ducts a priority. Doing so will allow you to keep the air in your home clear, and because learning how to do air duct cleaning is so simple, you will be able to complete the project with relative ease. Find out more here.