Polar Vortex Got You Freezing? Might be Time for a Heating System Upgrade

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A “polar vortex” is just as brutal as it sounds.

According to CNN International Senior Meteorologist Brandon Miller, a polar vortex is a, “circulation of strong, upper-level winds that normally surround the northern pole in a counterclockwise direction — a polar low-pressure system. These winds tend to keep the bitter cold air locked in the Arctic regions of the Northern Hemisphere. It is not a single storm.”

Right now, one is hammering the United States with some of the coldest temperatures the country has ever seen. Fox News reports that record-breaking frigid temperatures have been reported in Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, and parts of Oklahoma and Texas. Plus, the temperature at Central Park in NYC plummeted to just four degrees, breaking a record that stood since 1896.

With the coldest temperatures of not just the year, but maybe your lifetime here right now, this is the last moment to get any heating system repairs you might need. With such brutally-cold temperatures setting in, you might have already had to suffer through a cold night or two if you haven’t contacted a furnace repair company already. However, its never too late to get in touch with heating repair services and try to fight back against the potentially dangerous polar vortex.

Waiting until the last minute, or until the temperature drops below zero, to get necessary heating system repairs is hardly ever a good idea for homeowners who want to stay warm and cozy in their home all winter long. Experts suggest that homeowners should have their HVAC inspected and do a bit of general maintenance in the fall, rather than the dead of winter, to avoid any serious problems that might arise when heating systems are needed most. But, if you aren’t finding the relief from the cold you need inside your own home, there are home heating repair experts available to quickly diagnose and repair problems.

If your heating system isn’t working properly, then the polar vortex might mean that bundling up and cuddling in blankets isn’t even enough to stay warm. If that’s the case, then hiring a home heating repair professional is an absolute must. Though they might be busy, choosing not to address problems right now will end up being a mistake. More info like this.