Benefits Of A Hurricane Safe Garage Door

There are many benefits of choosing hurricane safe garage doors beyond the obvious protection during a storm. Hurricane rated door prevents liability and damage caused by water and extreme winds. Installing this type of door also means you’re getting.

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  • Quality Construction and Resistant Finish are the primary characteristics of hurricane doors. This door features strong and more durable construction materials and hardware to withstand the strongest of storms.
  • Low Maintenance: Hurricane doors are designed to resist raging winds, and devastating storm sure, so they won’t easily shift out of place like other garage doors.
  • Lower Insurance Costs: If you reside in hurricane prone areas, the insurance premiums on house are usually expensive. However, choosing hurricane safe garage doors can lower that premium. Reducing risks on the house saves you money on insurance.
  • Increased Security: Hurricane rated doors add more security to your house and deter people from unauthorized access.

If you live in area with hurricane concern, the issue is not, if the storm will happen, but rather when it will happen. While there are other temporary solutions like aluminum and steel bracing you can use to reinforce garage door and prevent damage, none of these options is as reliable and effective as a hurricane safe garage door. Remember also that choosing the right hurricane-rated garage door is only the first step. You want an experienced installation contractor to handle the project professionally for best results.