Choosing the Perfect Bedroom Carpeting


More than half of the flooring market in the United States is comprised of carpeting. There are many ways to choose the right carpeting for any room in your house, but today we are going to base the choices around the mood you want to create. Even within this subtopic there are several ways to create a specific mood. We will be focusing on your color options and what type of mood each is most likely to evoke; dark, light, and bold.

Whether you are about to undergo the process of home remodeling or you are building a new home, it is important to take the time to think about the type of mood you want to create in your bedroom. Take the time to really explore how you want to use the room before you commit to a single color throughout your entire home.

Choosing Dark Carpeting for Your Bedroom

When walking into a room with dark flooring one is immediately surrounded in a feeling of luxury and comfort. It feels indulgent and sensual and can help set the mood for instant relaxation. People sometimes fear dark colors on the floor and in other decorating aspects believing it will make a room feel smaller. However, when paired with lighter colored walls the effect is cozy rather than confining.

Black and dark grey are excellent choices for those who want to dive into the experience of dark floors. Many people will choose one of these colors as an area rug to place over hardwood floors. This gives a mix of the dark and light and helps define areas within the bedroom. One of the benefits of dark carpeting is how easy it is to keep clean, an important consideration if the bedroom is for teens or pets will be given access to the area.

Choosing Light Carpeting for Your Bedroom

Walking into a room with light carpeting can feel spacious and orderly. It is a bit like walking into a spa setting, especially when combined with neutrals and modern lines. This is ideal for those who feel calmed and centered when clutter and mess is completely removed.

A pristine white is a daring choice due to the possibility of stains and the extra effort required to keep the appearance clean and crisp. Neutral shades of tan and cream are equally bright and slightly easier to keep clean. With all carpets it is important to remember it is best to have them professionally cleaned about once a year.

Choosing Bold Carpeting

Bold colors are a daring choice and are available in an almost infinite number of varieties. This is great for people who thrive on bright colors, bold patterns, and unique decor.

You can choose a bright solid color such as orange, pink, purple or blue if it is a signature color or simply a shade that makes you feel refreshed. Other bold choices include strong patterns and multi-colored carpeting.

Carpeting prices have decreased dramatically over the years and it is no longer necessary to settle for a single color throughout the entire home. Your home can be a mix of vinyl tile, hardwood, stone tile, and carpeting in a variety of colors based on your specific preferences and needs. However, most people find carpeting to be more soothing in the bedroom. By taking adequate time to consider the mood you want to create, you will more easily be able to choose the perfect color for your bedroom carpeting.