Did You Know Your Home May Have More Harmful Substances Than Outside?

Radon mitigation services

There are many hazards that exist in your day-to-day life. Everything from the air you breathe to the items you touch can increase your risk for illness or minor side-effects that can affect your physical and mental health. Because of this people will take precautions by washing their hands, cleaning their homes and seeking out clean environments to curry favorable health and keep their family safe. When it comes to the safety of your own home, it’s imperative you hone in on common issues and eliminate them before they become long-term problems. A radon abatement service is rapidly becoming the go-to option for homeowners and renter’s alike, necessary for detecting harmful radon substances no matter where they may occur.

What Is Radon?

Radon is a highly hazardous element that needs to be removed at the quickest sign of detection. It is a colorless, tasteless and odorless chemical that manifests as a gas that can seep undetected into the houses of many, making a radon abatement service prime for keeping you and your loved ones safe every time they come home.

How Common Is Radon?

Ongoing studies have been conducted to determine the severity of radon. One in 15 American homes are estimated to have radon levels either at or above the EPA action level — according to the U.S. EPA, one in three homes checked in seven states as well as three Indian lands have screening levels over 4 pCi/L, which is the EPA’s recommended action level for radon exposure elements. Residential radon testing services can be conducted in a matter of hours and can determine the hazards present in your home.

What Are The Side-Effects Of Radon?

Radon is extremely harmful even in small doses and can have significant short-term and long-term consequences if not removed. The risk of lung cancer, for example, increases by at least 16% per 100 Bq/m increase in long time average radon concentration — scientists estimate that lung cancer deaths can be reduced by anywhere from 2% to 4% by lowering the EPA’s action level. This adds up to 5,000 deaths averted every year. Radon testing companies regularly update their technology to combat this every day.

How Do Radon Levels Increase?

Radon levels can increase over time if they’re not checked by a radon abatement service. A family whose home possesses radon levels of at least 4 pCi/l is exposed to a stunning 35 times as much radiation as the Nuclear Regulatory Commission would allow if said family was standing near a fence to a radioactive waste site.

How Can I Remove Radon From My Home?

It’s important to get radon testing done as soon as possible to make sure your family is safe from the effects of radon exposure. Short-term detectors measure radon levels anywhere from two days to 90 days, depending on the type of device used, and long-term tests determine the average concentration from 90 days and onward. The Surgeon General has warned that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States as we know it, that of which can be exacerbated by radon as well as smoking, exposure to harmful chemicals and more. With a radon abatement service just a call away, a safer home can be yours before you know it.