Ways of having fun

Creative Ways of Having Fun in 2021

Having fun before the Covid-19 situation and having fun after it is not the same thing. Of course, this has to do with social distancing and lockdowns all over the world. The good news is that you don’t have to be bored in your house. Here are some creative things you can do to have fun in 2021.

Make a Scrapbook

A scrapbook presents a fun way of arranging your family and personal history. To make it more engaging, you can do it with your kids. That way, they get to learn about their family tree with everyone from great grandparents to third cousins. Once you are done with that, you can go ahead and create a scrapbook that captures current moments including graduations, anniversaries, and birthdays. Several years down the line, you will have something to reminisce about.</p>

Have an Indoor Picnic

Picnics are great when they are done outdoors on bright sunny days, but in 2021, that may prove to be quite difficult. That said, you don’t have to wait until things get back to normal to have a picnic. How about an indoor picnic? Simply spread a mat in your living room, make some sandwiches, and homemade juice and sit down with your loved ones to enjoy the meal. If you would like to be surrounded by nature, you can do it in your backyard as long as you are not exposing yourself to the virus.

Hold a Family Meeting

Most people hold family meetings to assign family duties and talk about serious issues in general, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can make your family meetings fun and exciting. You can discuss things that bring you joy, and even share jokes. A family meeting also provides you with an opportunity to bond with family members.

Play Indoor Games

Games present a great way to enjoy laughter and creativity with family and friends. How about an afternoon of playing cards and charades? It will certainly be a great way of passing time and sharpening your thinking skills, don’t you think?

Hold a Costume Party

Granted, costume parties are often held during Halloween, but that should not hold you back from doing it whenever you want. Gather the family for a themed party or a night of dress-up. It should be a fun way to mimic some of your favorite celebrities.</p>

Skype with Family Members

You probably have family members studying or living abroad and chances are that you will not have the chance to visit them anytime soon. However, technology allows you to communicate with them and in a more personalized manner. With a simple Skype call, you get to see your loved ones face to face and talk about anything. What is more, you can gather the entire family.

Sculpt Pumpkins

Again, this is a fun activity that most people reserve for Halloween. You don’t have to wait though. Seeing as you will be having a lot of time on your hands, grab some pumpkins and knives and start carving out the pumpkins to make scary or funny faces. Your kids will certainly enjoy such an activity.

Decorate your House

If you are into interior décor, then you know that home décor projects are fulfilling and fun to do. Whether you repaint your walls, organize books on a shelf, groom some houseplants, decorating your house is a great way to increase its aesthetic appeal as well as bond with your family members.

Hold a Dance Party

The thing about dancing is that it can be a relaxing and energizing activity. Now, you may have two left feet, but you will enjoy doing it. All you have to do is clear out space in your living room, turn up some upbeat music and get to dancing. Do it with your family members, and it is a party. What better way to have fun?

Rearrange your Closet

If you are like most people, the closets in your house are quite messy and it becomes a chore to arrange them. Here’s a fun way to do it. Go to each closet as a family and take out all the clothes. Help each other decide which ones should be done away with and which ones should stay. As you do that, you can try the clothes on and remember memories associated with them. That way, you get the job done and have fun while at it. You may also want to consider having a yard sale where you will sell broken jewelry and old clothes.

Watch News

A lot is going on in the world such that the media is always bursting with new stories and updates. Although some of the news is not good, it will be therapeutic to sit as a family, watch the news, and discuss current affairs

Webcast a Funeral

If there is one thing you cannot deny, it is that people lost their lives more so in the Covid-19 pandemic. The worst part is that you are likely not going to be allowed to pay your last respects to a loved one physically. The only reprieve then is to attend their funeral virtually. By webcasting a funeral, you get to attend it in real-time and it feels like you are there in person. That way, you get the closure you need with departed loved ones.

Discover New Music

It is often said that music is food for the soul. It is no wonder then, that most people find comfort and peace when listening to their favorite tunes. Now, that is one way to think about it, but how about you discovering some new music? Something you have never listened to? Get on platforms like Spotify and YouTube and search for new music. Better still, you can share with your family members. You may also want to note that your mood will be instantly boosted.

Listen to Podcasts

Technology is always advancing, so now, you can listen to your favorite radio show through a podcast. That means you do not have to wait for it when it airs on the radio. Just download the podcast you want and listen to it when you have the time. The best part is that you will not need to invest any money as long as you have a smartphone or any device where podcasts can be downloaded. You can even listen to podcasts as a family. It will be a great way to bond.

Create Greeting Cards

If you have relatives overseas, chances are that you are missing them but you cannot be with them. A greeting card can be a great way to let them know that they are in your thoughts. What’s more, you can ditch those store-bought ones and create your own. All the materials you will need, from paper to measurement tools, are easily accessible, so go ahead and purchase them and then have a sit-down with your family members to craft cards that you will send out to your relatives. This will not only bring you closer, but it also helps unleash your creativity.

Make Meals Together

Food brings people together. As a fun activity, you can watch a cooking show and try to make the meals there as a family. When you do it together, you can split up the activities and even suggest different ingredients or different ways of cooking. You could even buy wholesale Mexican food just to try Hispanic recipes. It will certainly be fun, especially if you like spicy food. Needless to say, your kitchen will not only be filled with love but laughter as well.

Hold a Karaoke Night

Remember those days you would walk into a nightclub and do whatever you fancied with reckless abandon? Well, they are long gone and now everyone is locked up in their houses. That said, you can bring the club experience to your house. Just gather your family members for a night and look for songs that each of you can sing. All you will need is a microphone and the lyric videos for the songs you pick. Alternatively, you can order a karaoke machine and get to singing. After this, you can be sure that you will be closer to each other and you will have created memories to last a lifetime.

Have a Barbecue

Only a few things scream America like homemade hotdogs and burgers. You can therefore be sure that having a barbecue party in your home will be fun. It is a great way to bring a family together and enjoy good food. You also get to create memories that you can look back at in the future and smile at.

Renovate your Backyard

With all the time you have staying at home, you can easily give your backyard a facelift. Think about doing things like putting up a fishpond and having a swimming pool installed. Of course, you will need things like a backyard pond liner and forklift rentals, but it will be worth it in the end.

Set Up a Garden

Gardens involve a lot of work and require consistent maintenance. That is why most people would rather not have one. However, since you have a lot of time, why not set up one? What’s more, you can involve the other members of your family in maintaining it. Another benefit of having a garden is that you have access to fresh produce and you improve the look of your home.

Read a Book

You probably don’t think of reading as a fun activity, but when you think about it, you will realize that it is. If you do not like the idea of having to sit down and read, you can get an audiobook and listen to it with your family members. You can even start a book club amongst yourselves where you meet weekly to discuss the books you are reading. That way, you get to share ideas and expand your thinking. It will also be fun to hear different perspectives and interpretations of the books you read.

Watch a Movie

\This sounds cliche, but there is a reason why most people choose to go to the movies on their first date. It is a fun way to spend time with a loved one. As such, you can do the same with your family. Download or rent a movie and schedule to watch it with your family. After that, each one of you can give reviews of the movie and even suggest which one should be watched next. Within no time, you will have cultivated a family culture.

Educate Yourself

As soon as education is mentioned, most people will lose interest, but the difference here is that you will not be learning how to solve equations or improve your grammar. Rather, you will educate yourself on things like your rights and what a criminal defense lawyer can do for you in case you ever need one. Do you know what Obamacare is? Take the time to learn and while at it, you may want to find out what a bail bondsman does. Such information will come in handy as you go through life and it will be fun to learn.

Take Care of your Car

You have probably been neglecting your car and, understandably so, because you probably have a busy schedule. Now that you have the time, you can clean the car thoroughly and have any damage fixed. For some of your car issues like auto glass repairs, you may have to enlist the services of a professional.

The year 2021 is different from other years in that people are spending most of their time indoors. That can leave you feeling restricted and bored. With all the fun ideas here, from food to forklift rentals, you should be able to have a good time in the comfort of your home, no?