How Septic Tank Treatment Works

Do you have an old septic tank? It’s recommended that home septic systems are inspected once every three years by a professional septic service. This video explains how the system works and how to treat it.

Anything and everything that goes down your drain at home ends up in your septic system and naturally separates into three layers.

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Bacteria and microbes degrade any of the solid waste while any excess water is transferred to a second chamber through a pipe known as a baffle. Here, additional bacteria and microbes go to work on any remaining solid waste they can decompose. As the liquid waste moved out of the second compartment, water is released back into the soil and is naturally filtered. This process can sometimes be thrown off for a few different reasons:

1) Too much water use
2) Too many chemical cleaners going down the drain will kill the natural bacteria

These issues can cause odor, backflow, and even yard drainage. It is best to get your septic system professionally serviced by a septic company or septic installer when this happens. Especially if the reason is your bacteria and microbes have been killed. A clean and happy septic tank will prevent any unwanted surprises.