DIY AC Service Tips

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AC units require maintenance every couple of months. A buildup of dust can reduce its ability to cool your home in the hot summer months. Luckily, it’s easy to do if you follow these steps!

1. Open Unit and Remove Filters

This is the easiest part. Simply open the cover on the front of the unit and gently remove the filters. You can clean the filters off with a feather duster, or water and soap for a more thorough job.

2. Remove Entire Cover of Unit

This step will likely require a ladder. Unscrew the entire cover, and make sure to store the screws in a safe place you’ll remember. Then, push the tabs on top of the unit down and gently remove the cover. This will expose the innards of the machine.

3. Clean Inner Mechanics

Use a general disinfectant spray and paper towels to clean off the inner workings of the AC unit. When you’re finished, pop the cover back into place, and screw it in securely. Put the filters back in once they are completely dry.

That’s all it takes! If your AC unit is still causing problems, look up a company that does AC system repairs in your area.