Tips for Choosing a Plumbing Pro

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Plumbing problems require a professional hand to repair. Before you call the first plumber that comes up on Google, make sure to pay attention to these key pieces of information.

Good Track Record

Reach out to previous clients of a plumbing company to see firsthand if they’re solid. You can also find reviews on Google and Yelp and compare ratings between companies.

24 Hour Service

You don’t want to let a plumbing issue linger. This can cause secondary damage to your home, especially if there’s flooding. Check to see which plumbing companies offer 24 hour service in your area.


Make sure the plumbing companies you’re researching have the right licenses and accreditations. They should be displayed on their website, and it’s a red flag if they aren’t.

Service Guarantees

Discuss service guarantees with potential plumbers to make sure they’ll follow up if the problem isn’t fully resolved or occurs again.


Know your budget and what you can pay for. Pricing will vary from company to company, so do your homework to protect yourself from unwanted surprises. Get experts in backflow preventer services to save a dollar down the line.

Once you research all of this, making a decision on the right plumber will be easy. It may seem like a lot, but it’s well worth it for quality work.