Don’t Let Your Rubbish Go to Waste


If you take the time to recycle, then you probably want to make sure your trash is going to a better place and being used to benefit others. Luckily, even though recycling hasn’t become as popular as some might wish, there are still many who do use this method and are doing the planet a favor.

With all the ways to recycle, recycling isn’t a wasteful endeavor, especially since it does minimize the damage we are doing to the planet.

You may want to recycle by adding a recycling bin to your garbage service, which is easy to obtain since more than 87% of Americans have access to a curbside or drop-off paper garbage service. Yet if the trash removal cost hinders you, then you most likely are the type who utilizes public recycling trash cans. Or if you’re the DIY type, then you probably already have your own compost set up or are proactively taking your trash to recycling facilities.

Or… you could do the environment/society a favor and donate your trash. This method is not only the most underestimated recycling method, but it is the most used method. Who doesn’t want to feel as though their precious purchases aren’t going to waste and being used by someone who needs them.

Here are few ways to not only utilize the traditional recycling methods but the more popular refurbished method.

Turn Your Plastic into a Prosthetic Limb

Plastic is handy and convenient, but as a waste, it is tiresome and problematic. It doesn’t break down like compost and only adds to the masses of garbage being dumped in landfills. Even though it isn’t as easy to recycle as organic material, it still can be worth recycling.

Through regular recycling means, recycling plastic can turn into carpet, patio furniture, cargo liners, insulation for jackets, plastic bottles, and even prosthetic limbs.

Or if you’re going the refurbished route, you could turn them into toys, furniture and decor, and storage.

Help Trees Keep Living by Recycling

In order to purge over 9 cubic yards of landfill space, a ton of cardboard needs to be recycled. Luckily, this is an easy component to recycle. With all the garbage dedicated to paper waste, recycling cardboard and paper is just as easy as chucking any old trash, especially since so much of the trash we throw away is paper matter.

Through regular recycling means, recycling paper goods can turn into newspapers, glue, books, egg cartons, and boxes.

Or if you’re going the refurbished route, you could turn them into crafts, paper goods (such as folders), kindling, and tools for hobbies.

Resurrect Your Plant Matter by Turning it into Compost

Recycling your plant matter and turning it into compost is obviously beneficial: it is beneficial to the environment, to your garden, and to your health. Plus, with organic materials being the largest waste component — 27% being paper and 28% being yard trimmings and food?recycling plant matter eliminates a huge chunk of waste.

Most of the time, the city has a compost pit by the dump. Any leaves, branches, and garden waste are taken to a pit to be turned into compost, where it is then recycled and put back into your gardens. This process is quick and easy and doesn’t cost a thing since your servicing yourself by taking the garbage to the dump.

Or if you’re the DIY type, then building a personal compost serves many purposes: no trips to the dump, no forethought of what waste goes where, and no need to waste money on outside compost.

Any of these means of recycling is helpful, so let’s try a little harder to utilize them.

What are some ways you recycle?