The Most Common Pests In America And Why You Shouldn’t Try To Get Rid Of Them On Your Own

Termite control services

Insects are our friends…that is, until they overstep their bounds and go straight into the territory of a nuisance. While they’re an absolutely vital part of the ecosystem and a part of our everyday life, common insects such as the bee, the ant and the mosquito can go overboard and negatively impact your life in more ways than one. They bite, they itch and, at their worst, can lay eggs to fill your home with all sorts of nasties when you least expect. Commercial pest control services are a resource you can turn to when you feel unwelcome guests on your bed sheets or notice egg sacs in your bathroom, able to clear out your house from top to bottom in a matter of days. Let’s talk about why you should circumvent do-it-yourself options and just go straight to the professionals.


We all love bees. They pollinate our flowers, give us fruit and have been part of the mainstream art sphere for a long time. Unfortunately, they have a nasty sting and some people are actually allergic to them, making them a dangerous hazard that can cause families a lot of trouble during the warmer months. A bee removal service can properly remove unwelcome bees from your home in no time at all, able to relocate them so they can keep doing what they do best without bothering you or your family.


While bees offer us many benefits in our day-to-day life, the same can’t quite be said about fleas. These tiny little buggers are excellent jumpers, able to leap vertically an impressive seven inches and horizontally almost 14 inches. For comparison, that’s like a human jumping straight over a tree or a house. Americans spend a whopping $9 billion every year controlling fleas. If you want to save money and trouble, the importance of pest control can’t be understated. Especially if you have pets.


Something nearly everyone can relate to regardless of lifestyle or budget are bedbugs. Itchy and irritating, these unseen critters crawl into your bed and make sleeping and relaxing incredibly difficult. A female bedbug can lay over 200 eggs in her life cycle and nearly all pest professionals have treated bed bugs within the past year. This is completely unchanged from just a few years prior. Talk about a constant hassle!


Termites are a major hazard to households across America. The average year sees termites responsible for anywhere from $1 billion to $2 billion in property damage, meaning just a few termites can become a major, major problem. Termites need very little room to squeeze inside your home or business and a single termite queen can lay hundreds of eggs. Don’t try and tackle these bad guys on your own. Leave them to a pest control professional that can ensure they’re gone for good.


Last, but not least, we have rats. Rats are able to enter structures through mere half inch holes, with smaller mice able to get through even more narrow openings. A rat’s territory (also known as their ‘home range) is around 50 feet to 150 feet wide, revolving around their nest and their family. On top of spreading diseases and bacteria, an estimated 25% of all fires attributed to an ‘unknown cause’ are thought to be the results of rodents chewing on wires.

Why You Should Call A Pest Control Service

From noticing a bee in your home to rats nesting behind your bed, a pest control service is able to properly remove any and all pests safely and cleanly. Although some try to control their pests on their own through over-the-counter products or do-it-yourself solutions, the possibility of hidden nests or missed insects can only increase your probability of a future infestation. There’s no shame in needing help. Next time you catch a bed bug on your pillow or are worried you have termites, a quality pest control service can help.