Eco Friendly Products What Makes them Safer

Paint chip samples

Toxins seem to be everywhere that you look and in every product that you buy. These toxins are everywhere and can cause a variety of health issues even for normal healthy people. Eco friendly products such as eco friendly polyurethane clear coat finishes, are better for humans, wildlife and the environment. Just as toxic substances cause many health concerns, read below to see the benefits of using eco friendly polyurethane clear coat finishes for your projects.

Chemicals are in a variety of projects including floor paint, deck paint, gloss varnish and other items necessary for many DIY projects. These chemicals and toxins pose a health risk for a couple of reasons. One possible health risk involves inhalation of the fumes produced by many of these products. Another potential health risk involves the products chipping and somehow being ingested, or absorbed through the skin by direct contact. It takes approximately 26 second for the chemicals and toxins to be absorbed into the skin and into the blood stream. Ingesting, inhaling or absorbing these toxins are probably not harmful after one time, but repeated prolonged exposure could pose health risks to the lungs, brain, nervous system and internal organs.

Eco friendly products such as eco friendly polyurethane clear coat finish benefits the wildlife. If the product somehow gets into the water system, marine life may not be as adversely affected compared with products that are not eco friendly. Eco friendly products are better for the environment because they have less toxins in them.

Humans can benefit from eco friendly products as well. Majority of the time not only are eco friendly products better for the environment, but they are better for the air and our lungs as well. The fumes from eco friendly products are usually milder and not quite as strong as the normal products. Using eco friendly products helps your lungs while helping the environment.

Children especially can benefit from eco friendly products. Younger children spend a lot of time on the floor, near where all the chemicals come to rest. This means their hands are usually constantly in contact with surfaces that have chemical remnants. Their feet and toys are as well. This gives young children a lot of opportunities to put things in their mouth and absorb chemicals. Since young children’s bodies are still developing these toxins can be extremely harmful to them.Sweden’s Dampness in Buildings and Health study showed alarming information concerning kids and allergies. Being exposed to PEG’s can almost double the likelihood of developing other allergies.

Consumers are becoming more and more aware of health problems and trying to avoid them at all costs. Survey research Institute has shown that about 83% of travelers choose rooms that are allergy-friendly when available, and 59% of them say that is important enough to make them choose one hotel over another if allergy-free rooms are offered. More and more consumers are becoming aware of toxin exposure and looking for better and safer options. Eco friendly polyurethane clear coat is a safer option compared to other options. When choosing products eco friendly products are always safer and better.