How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

Mosquitos are an annoying pest who not only bite, but they also carry diseases. Whether you have mosquitoes in your house or congregating in your yard, you’re probably wondering what to do to get rid of mosquitoes. Mosquito control is best left to the professionals who will get it done right. Who to call for mosquitoes? You’ll want to call a local pest control company that has done this pest control call thousands of times. The pest control company should be willing to educate you all about mosquitoes. For example, they’ll discover what is causing an influx of mosquitoes in your home or an abundance of mosquitoes on your property and let you know what measures they will take to get rid of them. Have you always wondered what a baby mosquito is called? Just ask. However, it’s called a wiggler. The name fits, doesn’t it? What about the brown house mosquito? Have you heard of this variety? It’s the same thing as a common house mosquito. They’re small and brown, hence their name.


There are a lot of reasons to get mosquitoes out of your home. Mosquito bites cause itching but they can also carry diseases such as the West Nile and Zika viruses and malaria. Many people want to know how to get rid of mosquitoes. Here are some tips from pest control service experts:

  1. Make sure all of your screens are hole free. If you want to know how to get rid of mosquitoes, the best thing you can do is not let them into your house to begin with. Going around your home and checking your screens on your windows and your doors is good to make sure the nasty bugs do not in but it can also prevent other pests such as roaches, rats, and mice from gaining entry to your home. You can also add weather stripping to your doors to keep bugs from getting in that way. Remember that when you think of how to get rid of mosquitoes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
  2. Try some tea tree oil. Tea tree oil can be used for a lot of things in your home. Many people like the way that it smells, which is one of the reasons it is added to hair shampoo and conditioner as well as other bath products. The thing is that while people love the way it smells, bugs hate it. If you are looking at how to get rid of mosquitoes. Take a spray bottle and fill it with water. Add a few drops of the essential oil into the bottle. You can spray it around your home in areas where you think the bugs are getting in. It can also be used on your skin as an insect repellent.
  3. Try some camphor oil. Camphor oil comes in a wax. If you close a space that you think you have mosquitoes, you can light the camphor wax and let this burn for anywhere between 15 and 20 minutes. This will get rid of any mosquitoes that are in the room.
  4. Use garlic. Two bloodsucking creatures that hate garlic are vampires and mosquitoes. Boil some water and throw a few cloves of garlic in. Boil this for a few minutes. Let the water cool and add it to a spray bottle. Use it the same way you would use the tea tree oil. That will get rid of the mosquitoes in your home. You can also achieve the same result by cooking foods with a lot of garlic. That may be a more enjoyable way to get rid of the mosquitoes in your home.
  5. Try some coffee grounds. If you have standing water around your home, add some coffee grounds to that water. Standing water causes a lot of problems because that is where they do their breeding. If you add coffee grounds to the standing water that you find in your yard or around your house, you can make it not as attractive to the mosquitoes who might otherwise look at that as a place to produce the next generation of bugs. It will also kill any mosquito eggs as it makes them rise to the surface of the water. They cannot get oxygen up there and they die.
  6. Use mosquito traps. You can get these at your local hardware store or at the market. If you want to do a DIY version, that is possible, too. Take a plastic bottle and cut it in two pieces. Take the bottom part and mix hot water with sugar. Add yeast when the solution has cooled. If you take the top part of the bottle and place it upside down (the top should be off) in the bottom part with the yeast, water, and sugar mixture. Secure the two parts together with tape. the bugs will be attracted to the sugar and then not be able to get back out. You will have to go back and change out the water in the trap from time to time as it gets really full of dead insects.

A lot of people have ideas about how to get rid of mosquitoes but if you try these tips, you will find you have fewer in your home.