Energy Bills Too High? It’s Time To Get Your HVAC Inspected By A Professional

Have you had your HVAC unit looked at by an expert lately? If not, then you might want to consider what you need to do to get heating and air services that are built just the way that you need them to be. You need to learn about HVAC and how you can get someone to come out and look at your AC air outlet and other factors related to the HVAC unit that might need to be looked at.

When you get someone who knows what they are doing with AC and heating systems, you can rest a bit easier knowing that you have put your unit in good hands.

The AC and heating systems that you have in your home are and should be important to you. If you take care of them, they will take care of you. This is why those who work in HVAC tend to do well as far as their AC and refrigeration salary is concerned. Make sure you look at this as a possibility for yourself when you are going over all of the options open to you for taking care of the responsibilities that you have to keep your home feeling great.

Does your house feel a little too drafty? Are your energy bills getting higher with seemingly no change on your part? You might be in need of a check-up.

HVAC service companies aren’t just there to offer you the newest model. They can also give you advice on servicing your air conditioning unit and keeping it working well year-round. This can mean swapping out an old filter for a new one. It can mean taking a look at your home utility bills for anything that seems out of the ordinary. Your home deserves to be a place you can feel comfortable and relaxed, not stressed.

Let’s learn more about the energy audit and what, exactly could be causing your energy bills to be spiking lately.

Your Filters Might Need Replacing

Here’s one of the most common issues that come with a struggling HVAC system. Not only is your heating and cooling system supposed to regulate the temperature in your home, it’s supposed to keep your air clean. Contaminants — such as dander, dust, and chemicals — are pulled into your HVAC system and circulated between five and seven times a day. This eventually causes a build-up in your filters, which can then be kicked back out into the air. Swapping out your filters every three months or so should do the trick.

The House Could be Struggling With Drafty Windows

If this doesn’t reduce your bills, your house could have other elements to blame. Household drafts are a notorious money sink, seeping out temperature and, with it, all your hard-earned money. These drafts can be found in your doors, single-pane windows, even your floorboards. The Environmental Protection Agency (or EPA) has determined that adding insulation and properly sealing air leaks can slash your monthly bill by 20%. Your local HVAC service companies can improve indoor quality easily with open cell spray foam tools.

HVAC Ducts Need To Be Kept Clean

What about your air ducts? Just like clogged filters can overtax your system, so too can neglected ducts cost you green. Duct leaks can also become a safety hazard if left unattended for too long, so be sure to jot down a note concerning your HVAC service. A recent study found HVAC experts stating up to 75% of their no-heat calls in winter are related to lack of maintenance. It’s all about taking good care of your system and giving it the juice it needs to keep going, even when it appears fine on the surface.

Your HVAC System Could Be Old And Out Of Date

While regular repair will go a long way in maintaining your system, sometimes a new installation is the best option. By the time your HVAC reaches a decade old it’s suggested you start shopping for new models. Out-of-date systems are money-hungry and tend to offer less power as they get older, a lose-lose scenario that only gets worse. Home energy audit services can help you pinpoint this, if you suspect your energy bills are getting higher for no discernible reason. Energy Star has useful ratings to help you find the most effective system for your home.

HVAC Service Companies Will Help You Save Money

You don’t have to deal with a high energy bill. Let HVAC service companies pinpoint what’s going on beneath the surface and get you some solutions that will last you the rest of the year. It’s recommended you get your HVAC systems inspected twice per year, in accordance with the most extreme seasons. This should be done alongside swapping out your filters every three months. A little goes a long way.

Monthly bills are no match for a good HVAC system. Call your local HVAC service and ask them how you can lower utility bills.