Heres How Often to Pump Your Septic Tank

In the video below, we address a commonly asked question about septic tank pumping maintenance: how often should one pump their septic tank? Contrary to the belief that it’s a straightforward question with a simple answer, the host of the video emphasizes that the frequency of pumping depends on various factors. While a widely circulated rule of thumb suggests pumping every three to five years, the host delves into the guidelines provided by state regulations. According to these regulations, pumping is advised when any compartment in the system is more than 33% full of solids. However, the challenge for homeowners is determining this level without professional assistance.

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The host highlights the difficulty for homeowners to assess the septic tank’s condition accurately. He suggests that the three-to-five-year rule is a practical guideline based on average usage. However, the key concern is the potential buildup of solids beyond the 33% threshold, which could lead to issues with the drain field. To address this challenge, he recommends relying on septic contractors who can inspect the system, clean the effluent filter annually, and assess the tank for potential problems. The reporter, who owns and operates multiple septic systems, shares personal insights. While acknowledging the three-to-five-year interval as a reasonable practice for the public, the host advocates for more frequent pumping — annually if possible.