Your View Into the Commercial Glass Repair Process

The video captures a scenario of attempted burglary and the subsequent replacement of a shattered double-pane glass. The reporter details the process of removing the outer pane, emphasizing the importance of replacing both panes in a double-pane setup. The meticulous steps involve cleaning up the broken glass, removing the vinyl and stopping, and carefully extracting the old pane to install a new one.

The significance of safety measures becomes evident, especially when dealing with glass situated near entry points. In the event of a break-in, the need for emergency repairs is highlighted.

Video Source

The reporter highlights the availability of emergency glass repair services and the readiness to address such situations promptly, citing instances where businesses face vandalism or break-ins. The demonstration serves as a practical guide for storefront glass replacement, shedding light on the precautions necessary for safety glass installations, particularly those adjacent to doors. The thickness and quality of the glass are emphasized, focusing on the use of low-energy tempered glass for durability and security.

The reporter concludes by providing contact information for commercial glass repair services, underscoring the availability of immediate assistance in similar circumstances. Overall, the reporter not only showcases the technical process of glass replacement but also emphasizes the need for proactive measures and swift solutions in cases of vandalism or attempted break-ins.