Homes With Great Landscaping Sell Six Weeks Sooner Than Average Useful Selling Tips For 2019

Think about the last time you brushed your hair or flossed your teeth. Your appearance is an important part of you to create a positive first impression everywhere you go. It has to be kept up on a rolling basis, right?

The same goes for your house. During your typical busy month it’s easy to overlook the very real ways your home is starting to peel apart. Take a few minutes to think about your home and what touch-ups could go into maintaining its value. Is your front lawn starting to show some unsightly yellow spots? Has it been a while since you installed anything in the backyard?

Landscaping, just like buying yourself a new outfit, goes a long way in setting the tone for what’s to come. Here are the benefits that come with a properly done landscaping job.

A Happy Front Lawn Will Improve Curb Appeal

Does your lawn have yellow spots or patches missing? Has it been a while since you’ve trimmed the grass? Putting a little extra effort here will really pay off in the future. Landscapers are quite familiar with what today’s homeowner wants to see out of their home — curb appeal is high on the list for sellers, with a generally ‘wholesome’ look appealing for homeowners of all stripes. Consider asking your local landscaping design professional how you can keep your lawn looking crisp and green year-round.

Selling Your Home Goes Faster With Landscaping

In fact…let’s keep looking at the benefits of curb appeal. Should you be feeling the winds of change, look no further landscaping to get your home flying off that shelf. According to a recent Clemson University study, homes with ‘excellent’ landscaping generate a sale’s price at least 5% higher than equivalent houses with ‘good’ landscaping. Landscapers adding better lawn care or a new set of shrubbery can speed up your sale by as much as six weeks. Now how about homeowners who aren’t selling anytime soon?

You Can Reduce Energy Costs With Tree Or Shrubbery Additions

Just look at your energy bill for the next benefit. If you’ve been spending too much on heating and cooling, adding a new landscaping job to your month will help immensely. Dense trees can block up to 95% of sunlight, as well as 75% of its heat. Placing them strategically next to your windows or HVAC systems will help reduce strain on your home and keep it more balanced temperature-wise…which translates into saved dollars! Trees have been found to reduce an unshaded home’s summer air-conditioning cost by 15%.

New Installations Can Invite New Hobbies Into Your Week

Your home should be supporting you in all areas of life…not just resting your head at night! Landscapers can help you develop healthy habits throughout the year to improve your health, even as you improve your home. A new garden is a fantastic way to get some air and improve your mood. You can try your hand at flowers, vegetables, fruits…the sky’s the limit! A study asking residents of retirement communities found at least 50% stating pleasant, well-paved grounds to be important.

A Healthy Home Needs Good Landscaping And Maintenance

Just like you wash your face every day, so too should you look at your home’s health as an ongoing thing. Chipped paint and dried-out shrubbery doesn’t look good to you or prospective buyers! Adding new trees or shrubs will do the dual work of improving your energy bill and giving your home a more lush appearance. You can tack on a garden to your backyard for an ROI and health boost. For those that want to keep things simple, just improving your front lawn will do a lot to make your home come together.

Joe Nelson landscapers are ready and waiting to help. What could beautiful landscaping do to improve your life in all aspects?