How to Change the Color of Your Bedroom Dresser

One of the best ways of sprucing up your bedroom space is by changing the color pallet. This concept applies to either the whole bedroom area or to specific parts of the bedroom space such as the dresser. Remember, people mostly spend a significant amount of their time in the bedroom and not just during the night time. This means that you don’t want to spend your time in a boring place with nothing to add to the sparkle that would make you want to spend more time in the bedroom. If you want to instantly change the dull look of your bedroom, start by changing the color theme of the furniture too. There is no better place to start than by updating bedroom dressers though a change in color scheme and a few additions that would breathe life into you’re your bedroom.

Use Self Adhesive Paper on the Dresser
Using self-adhesive paper is one of the best and inexpensive ways of updating bedroom dressers. The best part is that the process is reversible and you can easily change the color scheme of the dresser at will. Self-adhesive paper is available in almost every color scheme imaginable in addition to it being available in different texture. It can be in the form of plain texture or faux metals such as copper. You can use the color to match the bedroom painting depending on whether you are looking to match the dresser with the rest of the room or probably looking to mix things up. Using self-adhesive paper on the dresser is easy. You start by removing the dresser’s cabinet furniture knobs dresser drawer locks. Clean the dresser using a damp cloth and later make sure that the dresser is entirely dry. The drawer slides too should be thoroughly cleaned before applying the self-adhesive paper. You can use a lightweight rolling pin to smooth out the bubbles after application. Your dresser would look even better if it is fitted with decorative knobs and pulls.

A new coat of paint is an amazing way of sprucing up just any living space as well as furniture. This means that paint can transform even a worn out dresser. When updating bedroom dressers, there are so many ideas that people try to work with. Some use cabinet lighting or curio cabinet lighting as a way of improving the overall look of the dresser. There is an also decorative hinge option that improves the exterior look. However, it would be almost impossible to use accessories to improve the look of a worn out dresser. You need to first work on the look itself before accessorizing the dresser. Painting can be done in line with your choice and preference. You can try and match the dresser with the rest of the furniture assuming that the original color was a mismatch from the rest of the furniture in your bedroom. You can also introduce some creativity and bring in a new color theme that blends with the rest of the room but somehow complements your personality in the dresser painting. All these ideas work uniquely as long as the color that you choose is exciting.

Tinted varnish is an amazing way of updating bedroom dressers since it adds a unique touch of color to any household furniture project. Varnish is an ideal way of allowing your bedroom furniture and not just the dresser to match any color theme that you choose for the room. There is a variety to choose from when it comes to varnish. It could be deep-clear red for black dressers. You can also try faux Chinese lacquer if you are looking for a more Mexican effect. The best way to use varnish is to first sand the dresser in order to surface any imperfections on the surface. Wipe the sand with a wet cloth to remove the sand dust and then apply the varnish using a sponge brush or a paint brush.