How Changing Your HVAC Filters Regularly Can Help the Environment

Updated 05/31/22

Taking care of your HVAC system and maintaining it regularly not only helps you save money on energy costs – it also helps the environment. Air conditioning and heating take a lot of energy, which comes primarily from fossil fuels. The more we can improve the efficiency of these systems, the more energy we are saving and the less carbon we are releasing into the atmosphere. Whether you have partial air conditioning, a central air conditioner with gas heat, or even an entirely new heating and cooling unit, there is a lot you can do to reduce energy use and increase efficiency.

One of the largest drains on energy efficiency in HVAC systems comes from older and poorly maintained systems that continue to run without being maintained and repaired. In recent years, HVAC technology has improved a lot, and newer units are much more efficient than older ones. However, even older units can increase in efficiency with proper maintenance. If you have an older HVAC system you can do your part for the planet by finding out about HVAC technician in your area who can assess, repair, or upgrade your system to become as efficient and environmentally responsible as possible.

As people become more concerned about the environment, they are looking for ways to change their lives to reduce energy use. One major step is to make homes more energy-efficient. Keeping your home heating and air conditioning units in good condition can make a big difference. HVAC contractors can offer sound advice on reducing your energy usage and costs. Simple things like replacing HVAC filters regularly and keeping the ducts clean can produce big results.

Simple steps can reduce your home energy usage
Heating and cooling costs account for a big chunk of a family’s energy costs. While until recently home design did not take energy efficiency into account, it is possible for homeowners to make changes that can reduce energy use. Simple steps like insulation, ventilation and keeping your HVAC systems running smoothly can all reduce energy consumption and lower your monthly bills. That’s a twofer that most homeowners can get behind.
HVAC companies can offer homeowners good advice on how to reduce their energy costs and consumption. To begin with, HVAC units should be installed by qualified professionals. An improperly installed system can add up to 30% to energy bills. A properly installed and maintained HVAC system should provide at least 12 to 15 years of reliable service.

Here are some simple steps you can take to reduce your energy use and home heating and cooling bills.

  • Programming your thermostat
    Program your thermostat to turn down the heating when you’re not home. It is estimated that this simple step can save homeowners $180 every year in energy costs. If your system can accommodate separate thermostats for each room or living area, that works even better. There’s no point in heating or cooling areas that are not in use.
  • Insulation
    Adding insulation to the walls, attics and basements can make a big difference to your home’s energy consumption levels. Window coverings and treatments also function as insulation and can make a difference to your energy bill, reducing heating and cooling costs.
  • Ventilation
    This is not an obvious step, but if you think about it, proper ventilation just distributes heated or cooled air evenly from its source to other points in the room or throughout the whole house. In fact, studies have found that attic ventilation can reduce home energy costs by an average of 10-12%. Just setting up fans at different locations, depending on the size of your house, can make the temperature more comfortable. Ceiling fans are very effective too.
  • Keeping your HVAC system clean
    HVAC filters should be replaced regularly, every three months or as recommended by the manufacturers. This has several benefits. When your heating and air conditioning system runs clean, it is at its most efficient and uses less energy. HVAC ductwork should also be cleaned, once or twice a year. This should be done by qualified professionals, to avoid any problems.
    Another benefit of replacing your HVAC filters regularly is that they filter out dust, allergens, pollen and other air pollutants, to improve your indoor air quality. This means you and your family will be living in a healthier environment.

In the effort to make homes more energy efficient and environmentally friendly, HVAC contractors have the knowledge and experience to make an important contribution. Simple things like replacing HVAC filters regularly and keeping ductwork clean can make a difference that you will see on your energy bills.

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