Make Custom Cabinetry Part of Your Next Home Remodeling Project

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Whether building new or remodeling, nothing improves the look and feel of a room faster than cabinetry. Custom wood cabinets give any home a rich look and feel. Wood has the ability to warm a room like no other interior remodeling component can. No paint, carpet, or fixtures can warm a room up like natural wood. And the room where these cabinets get the most attention and use is, of course, in the kitchen. Home owners are going to be looking at and getting into these cabinets more than any other, so their look and functionality is of utmost importance.
And money spent in the kitchen will see a substantial return on that investment. Homeowners can expect a whopping 72.8% return on that minor kitchen remodel that includes custom kitchen cabinets. It costs, on average, according to a 2015 report, about $19,226 for a small scale remodel of a kitchen, including new cabinet doors, drawer fronts, labor, countertop and appliances. A trend in the cabinetry business right now is cabinets that incorporate appliances. And it’s not just about how the cabinets look on the outside. Cabinets and kitchen islands can now include a vast array of rolling drawers and features to make your space even more useful. Every inch of your island or cabinetry can be made to store all your kitchen appliances and cookware.
No doubt about it. Cabinetry is big business. Annually in the U.S. it brings in over $20 billion. That’s a lot of cabinets. But it doesn’t stop in the kitchen. Cabinetry throughout the house should match. Bathroom vanities, bookshelves and custom fireplaces for homes all should be in harmony. A custom builder can craft everything from cabinets to custom built bookshelves, to custom wine racks to custom fireplaces for homes. Unfinished basements are a prime example of how custom cabinetry can enhance your usable space. From cabinetry surrounding a whole entertainment system to a custom wood home bar, it can all be beautifully designed and crafted.
There are more than 8,336 cabinetry and vanity businesses in the U.S. Some things to look for when choosing a custom cabinetry builder include:

  • Experience
  • References
  • Better Business Bureau Recommendation
  • Floor Samples
  • Builder Recommendations

The natural wood in your home will bring value and warmth to your home. Enjoy the look and feel of real wood and custom built cabinetry and features throughout your home.