How Professionals Install a Generator

Installing a generator can be very beneficial to your home, especially when there are severe weather conditions in your area and you want your power to stay on. This can ensure the food in your fridge and freezer stay cold or will allow you to continue cooking your family a meal during a heavy rainstorm. In this video, we watch professionals go through the entire step by step process of generator installation. It can be an easy installation that you can do by yourself at home, but you may want to hire a professional to ensure you are doing everything correctly.

Video Source

They mention that the generator they are installing will automatically turn on when the power goes out in your home. This generator will power the entire house, so you won’t have to worry about only having power in a certain area of your home. When you are choosing an area to place your generator in your backyard, it must be five feet away from any doors or walls of your home because they are combustible. You may want to invest in a concrete pad to place your generator on, so you don’t hear any rattling outside your home when it is on.

To see the entire installation, watch this video!