How to Replace an Electrical Plug Safely

If one of the prongs on your male end plug has broken off or something is wrong with this piece, you can replace it! In this video, this expert shows us just that! It’s very important that you follow this video step by step if you are wanting to replace your original electrical plug with one from NEMA straight blade cords. This ensures you are doing this safely.

Video Source

You can get these electrical plug replacements on Amazon for a small price, so you don’t have to spend a fortune to replace this part.

When you are cutting the cord to expose the three wires that are on the inside of the cord, it is very important that you are careful and only cut the exterior sheathing only. You must then use wire cutters to expose the wires from its protection. These wires will be the ones that are transmitting electricity from one point to another. You don’t need to cut off much, just the tips to ensure they are exposed.

To watch the entire process step by step, watch this entire video! You only need about ten minutes to do so, so you can do this easily.