How to Avoid Excessive Elevator Repair Jobs

Over 700,000 elevators in the U.S. make a collective 18 billion passenger trips every year. That’s a lot of trips. Even the finest lifts require will need elevator repairs at some point. Of the five types of elevators, passenger, freight, personnel, LULA, and home, residential lifts perhaps are the most concerning. The other types will have strict guidelines for maintenance and regular service checks.

What to Know About Maintaining a Residential Elevator.

A residential lift will not make the same amount of trips each year that a commercial elevator would. Residential elevators maintenance is important. However it is crucial that the elevator is first installed correctly, and complies with all safety codes.

What Leads to Residential Elevator Installation?

Each year there are just over 10,000 residential elevators installed. Unlike commercial elevator installation, to install residential lifts usually aligns with a need within the home. Someone in the home has found that climbing the stairs has become physically impossible. Safety becomes a top concern and motivation.

Don’t Forget Elevator Codes For Residential Lifts.

What are elevator codes? Elevator lift codes refer to the safety guidelines for operating an elevator. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, or ASME, is a resource often used when technicians perform elevator repair and maintenance checks. There are other elevator codes to comply with other needs, such as the Americans With Disabilities, or ADA, code list. Residential lifts must comply with the needs of the home’s occupants.

Regular Maintenance Checks Are a Great Idea For a Few Reasons.

Any piece of mechanical equipment will require repairs at some point in time. By having a designated elevator technician or elevator repair company on dial for routine maintenance, it’s easy to know who to call when elevator repairs are needed. It can also be helpful to keep a record of past maintenance checks and repairs. This allows for the operator to predict future requirements.

Residential elevators need just as much attention as commercial lifts. Regular maintenance checks, code compliance, and of course proper installation are essential for minimizing repairs. While elevator repairs will be needed at some point, it is best to do all you can to avoid easy mistakes.