How to Choose a Glass Door Manufacturer

Choosing a manufacturer for your sliding glass door when you live in Florida takes some extra consideration. There isn’t just energy efficiency or aesthetics to think about. Tropical storms can be a big threat to homes on the coast and it’s important to find hurricane proof doors that won’t shatter when exposed to debris and strong winds. Below are some tips on choosing the right glass door manufacturer to keep your home safe and your energy bill down.

Search for High Impact Glass

When going through a sliding glass door manufacturers list, it’s wise to look for a place that offers high impact glass doors. These doors are made with extra layers that are made to withstand strong winds and debris. They are less likely to shatter and are resistant to penetration. This is an incredibly important feature if you live in hurricane territory and want your home to be properly protected.

Read Reviews

Most door manufacturers have an online presence these days and it’s easy to find reviews on their work. Take some time to read through these and make sure to find a company whose positive reviews strongly outweigh the negative. Look for a manufacturer whose reviews convey durability and functionality. This is a good way to avoid ending up with a busted glass door when a storm strikes.

Talk to Neighbors

Create your own sliding glass door manufacturers list by speaking with your neighbors. Chances are that some of them have made the choice to purchase storm safe doors and they might be able to refer you to a company that does good work. This can also be a great way to find out who to avoid if a neighbor has had a door break in the past. Remember that if you are effected by hurricanes then everyone else in your neighborhood is as well and they could have the knowledge you need.

Finding a sliding glass door manufacturer that makes quality doors doesn’t have to be a challenging feat. With a little research you can find the best high impact doors around and know that your home is safe and sound through all types of stormy weather.