How To Fix Your Ceiling With Water Damage

What’s that ugly bulging, brown spot on your ceiling? Yes. Certainly, that is water damage that has discolored the ceiling and slowly compromising its integrity. Water damage repair can be a DIY project, but if you don’t trust your handiwork skills, hire a roof repair contractor. Here are steps on how to fix a water-damaged ceiling.

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1. Find the Water Source
First, locate and stop the water source to stop further damage on your ceiling and property. You might have to remove the damage drywall to spot the source. Once you locate it, make any repairs or replacement needed to stop the leak.

2.Dry the Water Damaged Ceiling
Once you’ve fixed the water source problem, tarp down the floor beneath the water-damage ceiling and start drying the drying process. Use towels and fans to completely remove the moisture.

3.Remove the Damaged Ceiling
Remove any peeling or bulging areas on the water-damaged ceiling using scrapers and other tools. Cut out sections with water stains.

4.Repairing the Damage
Ensure you have a smooth surface by removing bumps and ridges on the ceiling. Use a joint compound to fill small holes, and smooth out the surface again with a sandpaper

5. Prime and Paint the Ceiling
Restore your ceiling its glory days with a coat of primer. Give it time to dry, then go ahead and repaint the entire ceiling for uniformity.

These water damage repair step will come in handy someday!