How to Fix Common Plumbing Problems

This video talks about fixing some of the most common plumbing problems. It’s a good video for people who want to try some solutions on their own before hiring a plumber to fix the issues.

The first part of the video talks about pipes and joints and how sometimes an individual will need to reattach two pieces of a cracked pipe.

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Brass pipes can be sealed as long as they are not highly decayed. They can be fixed by doing two things. The first thing is to use Teflon tape on it. The first thing to do is remove the first few inches of the Teflon tape before proceeding. Then, the individual should wrap the tape around the cracked part of the pipe in a clockwise direction three times. It is unnecessary to wrap the tape around the pipe any more than three times.

The Teflon tape is usually enough to seal a cracked pipe. However, the individual doing the repairs can opt to use something called “pipe dope.” The pipe dope product is a thread sealant. It is unnecessary to put a lot of sealant on the threads. Only a light coating is necessary for an effective leak stop.