How to Install Water Filters

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Water filter installs below your sink are great additions to your home that ensure you have fresh and drinkable tap water at all times. This video shows how to install a water filter under your sink.

Many water filtration systems are for the faucet of your sink. However, these can inhibit the flow of water and may need to be changed quite often. Under-the-sink water filters can be larger, offer longer filtration, and don’t inhibit water flow.

The unit is equipped with a readout on the freshness of a filter. When you install a clean filter, a strip at the top turns blue. As it does its job, the filter will creep away and when it hits a red strip, you know it’s time for a change.

Installing the water filtration system is relatively simple. You have to shut off water pressure while you do it, and there will be a diagram at the back of the filtration unit to show you which pipes need to go where. Simply follow the diagram and you’re in business.

Installing a water filter under your sink is quick and easy, and will give you long-lasting peace of mind on the quality of your water. To learn more, watch the video above.