How To Maintain Your HVAC System

HVAC maintenance is the main topic of this video. It discusses what HVAC technicians do to help consumers maintain their systems. It also discusses a few things homeowners can do if they want to maintain their own systems.

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A flashlight inspection can be done to ensure that there is no dirt buildup around the furnace. Dirt buildups can cause a series of problems resulting in high costs for the customers. The next place to check for dust is the coils. The individual should all check for oil stains. An additional investigation should be done if the individual finds any oil stains. They could indicate that a technician made a mistake and got oil on the unit. However, they could also indicate a leak in the system.

Checking for rust spots on the coils is also a good idea before eventually cleaning them. A reliable technician will also check the mechanical connections to look for leaks or potential leaks.

The oil drain pan is another area that needs to be checked out. The individual will look for rust, metals, debris, and other foreign content. They all indicate a need for further investigation. Additionally, the tech should clean the drain pan. These necessary steps will help one maintain their HVAC system.