How to Maintain Your Swimming Pool

For people who own a swimming pool, it’s essential to know how to keep your pool safe and clean. In this YouTube video, viewers learn the basics of swimming pool maintenance. The narrator lets the viewers know three essential components in the maintenance process: chemicals, cleaning, and circulation.

Video Source

The test strips used for pools show three things: PH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness. The calcium hardness typically only needs to be tested at the beginning and end of the swimming pool season. According to the video, the calcium level should be between 175 and 200. The range for Ph should be between 7.4 and 7.6.

Although commercial products are sold to adjust the pH, the video states pool owners can use baking soda to raise the pH level. Borax can be used when the pH level must be decreased. The alkalinity level of the pool water must remain between 175 – 200. Cleanliness of the water begins by scrubbing the pool daily and skimming its surface.

In the video, the narrator stated they use a robot pool cleaner. The video indicated that the waterline in the pool is the area most needed cleaning. Of all the components of pool maintenance, the video states that circulation is the most important. To promote circulation in the pool, the video recommends running the pool filter 24/7.