The Use of a Scale Inhibitor In Your Water System

Some products on the market claim to act as a scale inhibitor water filter. While scale buildup can be reduced using a water softener, some people do not like having salt added to the water or the effect of softened water when bathing or using detergents. One scale inhibitor water filter claims to use magnetic forces to reduce scale buildup. This product does not tap into the water pipes but is placed near them, and electrical wires are wrapped around them.

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Once plugged into the electrical system, the scale inhibitor is supposed to use magnetic fields to prevent scale buildup.

In at least one instance, an individual installed the system in a home with a tankless water heater. Before installing the device, he put tap water into a plastic bottle with one drop of dish detergent. He did the same after installing the device and using enough water to clear the system of old water. The two bottles of water and detergent provided a before-and-after experiment of the amount of suds produced by the treated and untreated water. Although his experiment indicated the treatment had an effect, it did not eliminate the amount of scale buildup in this instance but has been known to eliminate several kinds of scale build-up in other cases.