How You Can Create the Perfect Home Movie Theater

Soundproof wall panels

Creating a theatre room in your home could be one of the best investments you make in your home. Installing sound isolation wall panels with high pressure decorative laminate flooring or walling, it helps with filtering out all sounds. This keeps all the volume from your superior surround sound speakers inside, giving you a real-life home movie theater.

Where to Begin with Your Theatre Room

Planning will be a huge advantage for you and your home movie theater. Planning in advanced for the project gives you more control over your budget and the items you want in the room. andnbsp;Let’s start with the simple planning steps.

  • Search online and at stores to find the most reliable, yet budget-friendly, sound isolation wall panels for the room. Measure the room in advance to get the right size and shape of these sound wall panels. If you’re able too, order them in advance and store them away in the garage, basement or storage garage.
  • If you’re interested in decorative laminate for the floor, only buy them if they are high-pressured and can help retain sound. These are like sound insulation panels for the ground. If you’re considering carpet, getting a laminate put down first will help with drowning out the sound of the movie theater speakers.
  • Purchase your electronics ahead of time. This includes surround sound speakers, television and other nifty devices like a music player. Unless you’re an electrician, you’re going to have to hire one to do wire routing. Having all the devices handy when the electrician comes makes it easier for him to connect everything together.
  • Hire contractors to put in the soundproof walls panels, carpet, laminate and electrical wiring. This usually takes no more than one or two people to complete this. So, if you have most of the materials you need, it’s time to start hiring.
  • Paint the room first. Depending on the style and design, you may either opt to paint it yourself or hire professional painters. However, since this is your television room, it should be nothing less than perfect. But, if your budget doesn’t fit a painter into it, you can have some creative fun on your own.
  • Arrange the room with electronics. If the electrician didn’t install the items, you’ll want to start installing the speakers, television and other devices first. This will help you with covering the wires later with furniture.
  • Setup your room with the right furniture pieces and align everything perfectly. This is where you want to make sure you are perfecting everything. Place all sofas, couches, tables and lights around as needed.

Your New Home Movie Theater In No Time

With the right sound isolation wall panels, laminate and furnishing, your new movie room is completed in no time. Take the time you need to set it up right the first time.