Reasons To Install a New Front Door

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2,000,000 home burglaries are reported each year in the United States, and in over one-third (34%) of break-ins, thieves enter through the front door of a home. Additionally, out of all burglaries in 2013, 59% were the result of forced entry. This is why it’s important to make sure your front door is locked and secured as often as possible and to have a locksmith make you different types of keys. If you’re wondering if it’s time for you to get a new front door, here are some reasons you may want to consider installing a door.

First, if you have an older door, chances are it’s not as secure as it was when it was first installed. Doors lose strength and functionality over time, which makes it easier for a thief to break in. In fact, in 10% or more of homes, deadbolts may be improperly installed, allowing thieves to easily get inside your home. If you want to have that extra security and peace of mind when you’re away from home, it may be time for you to consider installing a door, and maybe even invest in commercial door locks.

Installing a door can also boost the curb appeal of your home. If you’re considering selling your house, a front door says a lot about the value of your home. In fact, this is one of the few home renovations you can do where the increase of the home’s value actually exceeds the cost of installing a door, saving you more money. For businesses, commercial replacement doors can also attract more customers to your store, boosting store profits.

Installing a door can also drastically reduce energy costs. Older doors can have broken down frames that allow drafts to pass through. This is also true with windows. Although the drafts may seem minor, they will grow over time and cost you much more in energy bills. Keep in mind that the ideal door should keep air inside and noise outside.

Overall, home renovations are fun, but there is reasoning behind them. Before making any final decisions, do your research and pick the type of door that best matches your needs. Finally, don’t forget to keep your new front door locked and dead-bolted as often as possible to keep potential intruders away.