Importance of Annual Maintenance Checks

In order to save money from continuously having a HVAC repair in your home, you need to have yearly maintenance checks on your HVAC. HVAC is an acronym for heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

This video presents how HVAC maintenance and inspection take place.

Video Source

The video shows safety measures that need to be followed so one is not hurt when checking the wiring. A note to check the filters so that they do not affect the testing of pressure is given in the video. Also in the video, there is mention of checking the specifications listed on the manufacturers’ charging chart and making sure it is parallel to the work being done so there are no issues with any of the systems.

Quick tips on how to find out if there are any deficiencies with the system are given. In addition, how to mask pipes if they are leaking is shown as well. The video goes on to show how to clean the HVAC system and it is a process that can be done, and needs to be done at least once a month by home owners.