The Importance of a Professional Door Install

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The door to a home or commercial business tends to be an under thought of and undervalued part of the property. However, the door is one of the most important parts of the property. Not only does it keep the weathers outdoors, it also protects the property and its inhabitants from dangerous criminals. Doors are equipped with locks for the safety of the home owners or the property owners. They are the basic level of security and are a necessity in any property.

Considering that doors are an important part of safety on any building, care needs to be taken in installing a door. Some property owners may see installing a door as an easy task, so they attempt to DIY it. However, improper installation of a door can lead to improper working and easier access, even when the commercial door locks are locked. The improper installation of a door can make the door and its locks pointless as a security means. In fact, in 10% or more of homes, deadbolts may be improperly installed, allowing thieves to easily get inside your home.

The deadbolt on a door can be a simply, yet reliable security measure. There are too many burglaries on a daily basis to not practice safe methods when installing a door. According to the latest FBI statistic, there were 1.9 million burglaries in the United States in 2013, resulting in $4.5 billion in property loss. The installation of a door and its deadbolt is often best left to a professional locksmith who is familiar with proper installation and security.

Focus should also be on the type of entry into the different types of doors. There are different types of keys that are made for different doors. Some key entry methods are easier than other. For example, if the door does not include a deadbolt or other locking safety features, the door lock may be easier to pick. A picked lock can allow an intruder into the home, with minimal effort.

When a burglary does occur, it is important to evaluate the situation entirely. A home or property owner can learn a lot from a break in. Firstly, the door should be replaced with a commercial replacement door. Installing a door that is of commercial grade is beneficial for many reasons. Commercial doors tend to be larger and heavier. They also tend to include more locking capabilities, making them harder for intruders to break into. The heaviness of the commercial door also makes it difficult for the door to be kicked in. Out of all burglaries in 2013, 59% were the result of forced entry. Having a door that is larger and more secure can give the property owner the advantage during a forced entry break in.

Property owners should also take great care in the locking systems of their windows. The door is the first entry point for an intruder. If they are unable to get in through the door, they may move onto try the windows. Locking features and sturdiness of windows are important in preventing a break in.

Property owners often under value the important of their doors. They may simply choose the cheapest option and attempt to install the door themselves. However, doors are a very important part of the safety and security of a home or commercial business. The heavier the door, the harder it is to be kicked in. The better a locking system is, the less likely that it will be lock picked or broken. The windows should also have the same locking and sturdiness that the door does. If a burglary does occur, it is necessary to evaluate where the problem was and learn from it, to prevent further break ins.