Learn to Install a Roof

Renovating your roof is extremely a huge task. It’s challenging and dangerous and a reason why you should invest in protective gear such as a safety harness and a line attached to a secure rail or ridge to protect yourself from falling. Still, you can hire residential roofers and trust them with your roofing projects for their professionalism and experience.

Guide on How to Install an Asphalt Shingle Roof

Complete Tear off of existing systems all the way to the bare deck to inspect the plywood underneath and check for spacing and ventilation.

Inspect Everything You Replace to ensure the integrity of the shingles once installed. For old houses, check out for white spaces and big gaps on the roof because when installing asphalt shingles, your nails will likely miss the wood and go through the holes causing the roof to come off easily.

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Make sure to install a drip edge to help drain water away from the fascia and foundation.

Use the manufacturer’s felt paper for specific recommendations and for warranty purposes.

Install dedicated starter shingles that can securely hold the shingle together. The starter strip activates with the strip on the shingles for a stronger bond at the front.

Install dedicated hip and ridge shingles especially if the manufacturer recommends it.

Find professional residential roofers who also adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations and ensure that your roof’s warranty isn’t compromised.