Vinyl v. Laminate Flooring Which to Choose?

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Both laminate and vinyl flooring are popular choices for people looking for wood flooring but with a tighter budget and a desire for less maintenance. Here we discuss the differences between laminate and vinyl flooring so you can make the best decision for your home.


Laminate is solid and stable, and is often mistaken for real wood flooring. The difference is it’s a lot more cost-effective. Here’s a breakdown of the contents of laminate flooring.

The laminate flooring has four layers. The backing layer sets in the boards, the stabilizing layer makes it rigid and protects from moisture. The higher density of the stabilizing layer, the higher the quality. The decorative layer will have your wood print of choice, and the overlay protects the decorative layer from damage.


Vinyl flooring is quickly taking over the market because it requires even less maintenance than laminate flooring with similar benefits.

Vinyl also has four layers: backing, core layer (which performs the same function as the laminate’s stabilizing layer), the decorative layer, and the wear layer.

If you’re looking for traditional and clean-looking floors that are less expensive than wood flooring, talk to your local flooring service to find the right option.