Minor Upgrades to Update Your Living Room

Fashionable european furniture

Are you tired and bored of your current living room design? When we spend a lot of time in our living rooms, we can quickly tire of a design and decorating pattern that we once enjoyed. It is usually not very cost effective to upgrade and completely redo the living room, every time we get bored. We would go through a lot of materials, funds, and time. When you get bored of your living room design, consider upgrading minor details of the room, rather than completing a full remodel. The change will satisfy you until it is time for a full renovation.

Upgrade the paint color
Painting is a simple task that you can complete yourself. The color of the walls can also quickly change the overall look of a room. If you currently have a modern look with greys and tans, consider going more traditional, such as a bright white. If you are looking for a big change, try a bolder color. Look at photographs of different paint examples online and choose one that interests you. If painting your entire living room seems like too much of a project, even changing one wall can make a big difference. Choose a bold color and create an accent wall.

Purchase a new rug
Most homeowners prefer some type of carpet in their living room. The entire living room may be carpeted or a simple accent rug may be placed under the fine Italian leather furniture. A carefully selected rug that matches with the fine Italian leather furniture or contemporary Italian furniture can rally change up a room?s overall look. If you currently have a rug that contains neutral colors, like tans and browns, try something more unique. Find a rug that accents your throw pillows or other design patterns throughout your room.

A rug is a great accent piece to try out new living room looks. If you want something completely different, but do not want to redo the entire room to find out if you like it, start with a bold accent rug. Current Millennial buying trends are fun colors and fashionable Italian sofas. Millennials? share of all buyers in 2012 was a mere 14%, but in 2014, Millennials comprised 37% of all households buying furniture and bedding, making them the largest generation currently buying.

Upgrade your furniture
Whether your living room is currently furnished with fine European furniture or Italian contemporary furniture, changing it out will create a significant change in the overall design. Many people actually use furniture as the focal point of a room. They tend to choose paint colors, rug designs, and accent pieces, based on these furniture types. If you want a drastic change in your living room design, but do not want to go through the work of completely changing everything, change out your furniture instead.

If you have always purchased suede or microfiber couch materials, consider going with a leather couch instead. Fine Italian leather furniture is a great addition to any room. Also, there are two types of top grain leather available, corrected grain and full grain. Corrected grain leather refers to leather that has been altered by buffing its surface to reduce scarring or embossed to develop a special effect. Full grain leather, on the other hand, is left in its natural state, nothing has been done to alter its grain.

Select a new furniture chair
A more minimal process to upgrading furniture that does not consist of throwing out your current modern Italian sofas is to simply purchase a new piece of furniture, like a love seat or furniture chair. A leather chair can look beautiful. Italy produces approximately 50% of the machinery used to produce footwear and leather goods around the world and 80% of tanning machine globally. Find a night leather chair to complement your fine Italian leather furniture.

When boredom sets in, housing projects begin. These projects may be expensive and extremely time consuming. They are usually not warranted, as the living room is already updated. Achieve that different look you are looking with by choosing a minimal upgrade option. Change the paint color, change out the accent rug, or change your decorations.