Easy and Simple Small Kitchen Design Ideas

kitchen designMore than three-fourths of all homeowners choose to invest in a kitchen remodel when they are renovating their home. However, it is easy to feel fresh out of ideas if you have a kitchen that is quite small. So here are some of the best small kitchen designs to incorporate into your home today.

A tiled floor or ceiling
Take advantage of patterns! With small rooms, patterned wallpaper may be a little too much, so choose the ceiling or the floor to add a splash of fun. This design can be something that complements your walls and other decors, or it can be something completely unique that adds an unexpected flair.

Subway tiling
Don’t want to commit to a fully decorated ceiling or floor? Go with a simple subway tile accent wall instead. This can serve as your backsplash behind your oven and will even make the room look larger if you choose tiles the same color as the wallpaper.

A hanging rack
Instead of having bulky cabinetry, consider installing a hanging rack to put your larger pots, pans, and utensils. This will instantly free up tons of storage space while giving off an easy and laid back country-chic vibe.

Mirrors are an interior designer’s best-kept secret as they make any small room look large instantly! The easiest way to use this idea in your kitchen design is to invest in mirrored cabinetry and your space will look bigger in no time.

A breakfast nook
This tip is especially helpful if you have a full dining room. Instead of the clunky kitchen table, choose a small and streamlined breakfast table for two. You’ll save space but still have a cozy vibe in the room. The same idea goes for investing in a kitchen island during your home remodel– you’ll have the same amount of seating for a fraction of the space.

Floor to ceiling shelving
Go as high as you can for your shelving! You’ll be able to store more than you ever thought imaginable. Simply get a ladder if you can’t reach.

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