Mistakes to Avoid When Installing a Metal Roof

Before you begin to work on your metal roof, you should be aware of common roofing mistakes to avoid. Roofing Intelligence can help you. This video, part 14 in a series of roofing tip videos, was created for you to understand better how to care for your metal roof.

Common mistakes mentioned in this video are:

– Incorrect installation of the panels: It can be unclear where the different ends of the panel should go.

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Should the fat lip be hidden or left exposed? Roofing Intelligence will help you make sense of this confusion.

– Setting screws improperly: Many people tend to over-tighten or under-tighten the screws.

– Using too much sealant: Caulking is often misused as a primary source of waterproofing and is often left exposed to the elements, which leads to problems over time as the caulk wears down.

– Setting too few screws in the pipe flashing: The sealant is a secondary tool to protect against leaks. Roofing Intelligence can show you how to install flashing to protect against future leak issues.

Look no further if you find yourself handling your metal roof issues and need some guidance to avoid costly mistakes. RoofingIntelligence.com is here to help. Click to watch the video now.