Myths About Sustainability in the Home

Sustainability is a hot topic. It seems like the modern homeowner is more conscious about their decisions regarding their heating and water bill — for the sake of the planet and their wallet! However, there are also plenty of myths out there. Continue reading to learn more about home energy efficiency tips, these myths, and whether they are fact or fiction.

Converting to a green home is more expensive

Many people believe that converting their home to a more sustainable home will cost them an arm and a leg. However, that is not the case. Like with any home improvement, it will cost you upfront. However, you will see a return on your investment within the first few years. You can also make small changes gradually, so the cost does not overwhelm you or your wallet. You also have a range of cost effective options when trying to save energy in the home. For example, you can stop your water heater from leaking. Allowing a leaking water heater to remain faulty can cost you hundreds of dollars a year! In the end, it’s best to simply make these small changes as you go. Keep in mind, that you’re definitely saving money in the long run!

Furthermore, converting your home to a greener space can also help your resale value. These home energy efficiency tips are worth implementing. As we move towards a more sustainable society, many homeowners want to live in a house that agrees with their lifestyle choices. They also understand that an efficient home can save them more money in the long run. Therefore, the notion that converting your home and seeking greener alternatives is too out of reach, is in fact a myth!

You must replace all of your appliances

You don’t have to possess this all or nothing attitude when it comes to converting your home and following home energy efficiency tips. The fewer items you replace, the more eco-conscious you’re being. The reason is that throwing out old appliances is wasteful and has a large impact on your carbon footprint. When you throw something away, whether it’s a bag of chips or an entire refrigerator, it ends up in a landfill. These items can take hundreds of years to decompose. Therefore, it’s best to make these changes when you need new appliances. Don’t go out and buy energy efficient alternatives because you believe it’s better for the earth. Wait until they are breaking down. Take your air conditioning unit for example! If you want to implement more home energy efficiency tips, making this process slow, gradual, and necessary is the way to go.

A plumbing repair service won’t make a large impact

If you’re letting your toilets and sinks run with reckless abandon, know that this can also waste a ton of water! Implement more home energy efficiency tips. A plumbing repair service can actually make a huge impact if you wish to own a more sustainable home. Look out for these signs.

Call a plumber if you don’t have water in the house

You turn your sink on and the unspeakable happens. No water comes out! How are you supposed to freshen up before work? This is one of the main instances when you should call a plumber.

Stay calm and find a local contractor who can come and check out that flaw in your plumbing system immediately.

You can smell gas or strong odor

Often, your nose will alert you about whether you need to contact a plumber. If you smell a foul odor coming from your bathroom, give your usual plumber a call to come to fix the issue immediately. Your water heater may have a natural gas leak. Water heater leaking is no joke, as it can lead to detrimental results.

Propane gas is bad for the environment

This is another myth! While there are certain gases that are toxic to the environment, propane gas is non-caustic and non-toxic. Therefore, it is not harmful if spilled onto the soil. In fact, propane can do a lot of good in the home. For example, you can use propane gas to heat your home. You can also use it to power your grill. Don’t feel as if you have to avoid it if you wish to implement more home energy efficiency tips!

Dirty water treatment is not worth the cost to fix

Dirty water treatment is 100% worth the cost! Having dirty water in the home is toxic and dangerous. Having a solid sanitation system is one of the best ways you can convert to a more sustainable home. You can reuse your water after the intense purification process.

Your HVAC system does not play a role in your sustainability efforts

This myth is absolutely false! The truth is that your HVAC system plays a huge role in your sustainability efforts. In order to generate the power to keep your home warm in the winter, the unit uses electricity. This electricity is created through a long and complicated process. We often don’t think about this process when doing something as simple as turning on a light switch. However, it’s smart to be more mindful of your power. This process starts at an electrical plant.

Electricity is a secondary source that is created when other elements are converted into energy. These elements can include natural gas, oil, and nuclear power. Once converted, the electricity will travel in closed circuits. Turning a light switch on will open the circuit while turning the switch off closes it. Since these plants use a variety of resources to generate this power, it’s important to remain mindful of how much of it we are using.

Whether you are watching TV or leaving a room, make sure to turn these devices off if you are not using them.

Turning your water off when brushing your teeth can save you one gallon of water every session

This is partially true! If you want to save more money and learn to live more sustainably, implement this tip. It’s absolutely free too! Many people will leave their water running while brushing their teeth. However, if you turn it off and only turn the key when you need to wet the brush, you can save up to three gallons of water — not just one! If you’re looking to try more home energy efficiency tips, this can be a great example to set for the rest of the family.

Window replacement will not generate efficient results

This is another myth regarding saving more power!

It may seem like a tiny improvement, but window replacement for more energy efficient ones can make a world of difference. Energy efficient windows are double panned, meaning that they can keep cool and warm air inside of the home. These windows can also help keep the air from escaping. Your heating and cooling system will not have to work as hard. If you wish to implement more home energy efficiency tips, this is a great one to try out. Additionally, you can pay lower fees on all of your energy bills.

Shrink these costs down and you can use the savings elsewhere!

Selecting an electrician is a hassle

Here’s another common myth regarding sustainability in the home! An electrician can help make your home more efficient. However, many people avoid hiring an electrician because they believe it’s a hassle. The truth is that hiring an electrician or an electrician service is key if you want to implement more home energy efficiency tips in the home. These contractors have recently begun to play a large role in this movement, They can check the lighting systems in your home, and ensure they are well regulated. If you are just starting the construction of your home, they can ensure that everything is being built to code.

We are moving towards more of a green building movement — both in the home and with modern-day business. There are no various certificates given to homes and businesses that comply with green standards.

Since electricians can play a large role in your home’s green score,

Custom doors cannot be made efficient

This is another myth that has been debunked. When purchasing custom doors, you can also ensure they are energy efficient. Like windows, doors can easily allow energy to travel out of the home. However, you can avoid this wasteful scenario by simply requesting energy efficient custom doors.

There are limited energy efficient options when building a home

Many people don’t want to take on the project of creating a home with fully efficient materials because they believe that their options are limited. No, your house won’t look like a straw shack. There are actually plenty of options that can suit a variety of styles and aesthetics, depending on your tastes!

You can also look into buying materials that have been used in the past. Upcycling or recycling can also lessen your carbon footprint, as you’re creating less waste!

Creating a more efficient home is stressful

There’s this common argument that because someone can’t make a huge impact when it comes to sustainability, they’d rather not make any kind of effort at all. However, this is another myth. You don’t have to completely change your home to improve it. Every little effort can truly make an impact. Don’t get stuck in this mindset!

Realistic change can happen gradually, and it takes one step in the right direction.

Start with a handful of these home energy efficiency tips.

Sustainable materials aren’t as durable

Whether you want to convert your home for the savings, or you wish to live more sustainably, make sure to erase this myth from your brain! Eco-friendly alternatives aren’t weaker or of lesser quality. They can simply biodegrade better. They have also been produced more ethically!

You have to add solar panels to be more energy efficient

Installing solar panels isn’t the only way you can make your home more energy efficient and sustainable. Many people believe this myth, but you don’t have to go through the process if you don’t want to! However, solar panels do have a long list of benefits! They create sustainable and renewable energy in your home. You don’t necessarily have to live in a sunny and hot climate either. Solar panels can provide your home with energy no matter where you are on the globe. Keep in mind though, that you can start the home conversion process at any state. Purchase better windows, or set an appointment with a qualified plumber in the area to fix that broken pipe. Whatever the case may be, your intentions matter most and you don’t have to take the deep dive just yet.

Conclusion on home energy efficiency tips and myths

If you have ever wanted to implement more home energy efficiency tips, make your space a greener place to live. Sustainability is a loaded topic, so it’s no wonder that there are so many myths out there. However, as long as you remain informed on the topic, you can create a safer and more responsible home and lifestyle. Additionally, converting your home to a more sustainable space doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg! Update a few appliances and find a full service plumbing service that puts your needs first! This is a wonderful way to begin your journey!