Regular Septic Maintenance Can Keep Your Property Healthier

It’s important to know the qualities and needs of a property when you buy it. Flipping and renovating older properties is becoming quite a popular strategy for families, but a lot of rural properties have different needs than suburban or urban neighborhoods. If your home uses a septic system instead of a municipal sewer system, there’s likely septic maintenance that needs to be done to upkeep it.

One of the main tasks is routinely getting the tank pumped to keep the system clean and healthy. A standard system with one home on the property can go around three to five years before needing to be pumped.

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Tanks with electrical components need to be cared for more often than analog systems, at a rate of about once a year. The professionals will often let you know about the specifications of your units, but if there’s any uncertainty, it never hurts to ask about it. Septic system incidents can be worse than unpleasant. They can also do lasting damage to your home.

As the video entails, another regular maintenance task is making sure the tank’s filter isn’t clogged. This is the type of chore that’s easier to do the more often you do it, like any other kind of cleaning. The video does a good job of showing how easy it is to take care of it, hopefully easing some of the apprehension that tends to stem from dealing with a septic system.