Treat Your Windows Right To Boost Your Energy Efficiency

Window treatment trends

If you are looking to improve your home’s energy efficiency, a good place to start is with your windows. If you have old windows, you may be better off replacing them. But if your windows aren’t ancient, there are some things you can do to improve their efficiency without having to go to the full expense of getting new ones.

Simple window treatments can make a big difference in how well your windows fare against the cold and the heat. Blinds or curtains can be used to keep out the light and heat in the summertime and then to let it in during the winter. Window treatments provide insulation, and without them, your home can lose as much as 50% of its heating and cooling, which can make a huge difference in your monthly utility bills.

Another thing you can do to aid your windows in improving your home’s energy efficiency is to put awnings on the outside of the windows. Not only can awnings help reduce your home’s cooling costs by up to 15%, they also help block UV rays, which can cause your floors and furniture to get bleached out over time. Awnings aren’t something you see on a lot of homes these days, and you may be wondering where to buy awnings. You should be able to find them at many home improvement and hardware stores as well as interior design businesses. Additional options for where to buy awnings are businesses that specialize in tent and canopy sales and rentals.

It’s not just the sun’s rays going through your window glass that hurts your windows’ energy efficiency. The longer you have your windows, the less likely they are to fit their original frames due to warping and settling. That creates gaps and cracks that allow warm or cold air to get in from outside or escape from inside. Filling in those cracks and gaps with caulk or weather stripping will improve your energy efficiency. In addition to your windows, you should weatherproof your doors as well to get the maximum effect.

Replacing your windows is likely to give you the biggest boost in energy efficiency, but it also costs a lot. Using other methods, such as window treatments, awnings and weatherproofing, can give you the most bang for your buck.