What Will Your Tree Cutting Service Cost?

If you are looking into cutting down your tree to improve the safety of your home, then you need to look at the pricing. This video breaks down how the prices can shift depending on your situation. Keep reading to plan your budget for this project.

There are a few factors that change the price of a tree cutting service. This can be the location of the tree, the size of the tree, and the type of tree that needs removal.

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A tree with one large trunk and many small branches will take about three hours to complete. A tree that hangs over a house and has many thick branches will take quite a bit longer. Cost of labor is a major part of the cost differentiation. A tree from 2-3 meters in diameter can start at $100, while a tree of 20 meters can cost up to $3800. Clearly, there is quite a variance.

The best way to find the price is to talk to a company near you. The prices listed here are guidelines you can use to make sure these companies are giving you a good price. Find a tree removal company near you to get started on your project today.